Rayudhi Community


The Rayudhi Community

The school is situated within a region which is agriculturally potential, despite the
high agricultural operational cost, poor government policies on agriculture and unpredictable weather, some members of the community engage in sugarcane f arming, tobacco farming and growing of cereals crops which they use for their daily life sustainment.

A very small percentage of people from the community are either employed by the government or private sectors like Sony or tobacco sector, as struggling community majority are engaged in small business enterprises, like running Kiosks, Motorbikes and bicycle transport e.t.c
There are few high ranking personnel who are also from the area but however they never regularly visit home but rather they are positive to the development views.


HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL Rayudhi Primary School was started in 1985 by the community. The pioneers whowere prominent members of the community were …

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