Generally the income parameter of the majority of people in the region is low, the
monthly income per-person is barely 1,000/= this is negligible compared to the basic life demand embracing health facilities, food, education and other basic needs.
The life style which is governed by resource availability and capacity warrant for poor nutrition which render people vulnerable to the attack by opportunistic diseases and this has therefore increased child and adult mortality rare.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic is a threatening factor to the social economic activities in the region; the scourge has claimed an alarming number of parents who have left many children's orphans. The orphans are at the Mercy of the over burdened community. Some who landed in good hands have proceeded with their education while others have been abused, exposed to child labour, others have dropped out of school to take responsibility of their younger children the achievement of educational goals in this region.


HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL Rayudhi Primary School was started in 1985 by the community. The pioneers whowere prominent members of the community were …

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Rayudhi Community

The Rayudhi Community

The school is situated within a region which is agriculturally potential, despite thehigh agricultural operational cost, poor …

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