Short Falls



The school experience serious under staffing, most of the session within the year. The
staff is compost of five female teachers and three male teachers. The female teachers are young ladies who in most cases alter male in acquisition of maternity leave and sometime even three of two go for the same leave and this affect the staffing situation and the teaching. The school needs to be adequately staffed with teachers.


The CDF and the community have diligently provided for the already existing
classroom at the moment there are two classrooms which are roofed and are not plastered two other classrooms their walls have been constructed but they have not been roof.

The number of desks exist are quite in adequate and lead to congestion and scramble for the few existing ones and lead to pupils poor writing spaces.

School land.
The school land is small and can not provide for room for expansion, fields for pupils play ground and room for school farm, the school land need
To be expanded the neigh hood community are willing to sell but there are no funds.

Rayudhi Community

The Rayudhi Community

The school is situated within a region which is agriculturally potential, despite thehigh agricultural operational cost, poor …

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