Rayudhi Primary School was started in 1985 by the community. The pioneers who
were prominent members of the community were disturbed by the distance their pupils were to cover to reach the nearby schools, the long distance contributed to pupils starting school with advance age, others were dropping out of school in Junior classes and this reduced the completion rate in the area.

The above factors and the desire for quality education were the impetus behind the
starting of the school. The only existing facility was the Catholic Church which they used to start early Childhood Education Classes which ran for two years before starting primary classes. The church was also used to start the Lower Primary.
After two years operation at the Catholic Church, community and well wishers donated 2 1A acres of land where 1 1A ace was given free while one other acre was offered for sale.

The community was mobilized and the land was immediately acquired and semi permanent classrooms were constructed without delay to provide the classrooms. The Community had a sigh of relief from their long conceived ambition and aspiration of having an institution that offer basic Education.

Rayudhi Community

The Rayudhi Community

The school is situated within a region which is agriculturally potential, despite thehigh agricultural operational cost, poor …

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Generally the income parameter of the majority of people in the region is low, themonthly income per-person is barely 1,000/= this is …

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